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Wild in the Classroom

Wild in the Classroom students
wild in the classroom program
Off-site programs are offered year round based on availability. Off-site program fee: $165 per hour, $90 each additional hour. Class sizes are limited to the following:
Age of Students Maximum # of Students
Preschool 50
K-1st Grade 50
2nd Grade - 6th Grade 60

Wild Missouri

What animals live in Missouri? Where do they live? How do they find food? Find out the answers to these questions and others, as this program explores animal adaptations, and habitat needs. Using a variety of natural artifacts and live animals, this program becomes an experience that everyone will remember.

Meet the Animals (age 3-6)
Critters in the Classroom (age 6 & up)

In this program we bring the wild life indoors! Discover differences and similarities between the astounding groups of animals living on this planet today. You and your students will meet a variety of friendly animals as our naturalist describes what makes them unique. Hands-on interaction to compare and contrast the physical characteristics of each will make a fun and exciting educational experience for all.

Feathered Frenzy

In this program students will explore the diversity and adaptations of the avian world by hands-on examinations of different types of feathers, bones, and feet. Additionally, we’ll look at the species of birds that are common in our area.

For a dollar more per child, each student may make a tennis-ball container bird feeder to take home. Supplies are limited. Ask a naturalist for more details.

For older students, a discussion of bird life cycles may be included. Ask a naturalist for more details.

Please help Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary with a personal donation.